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About Us

Jack's Burger is a fast food restaurant founded with the purpose of providing high quality fresh burgers, grilled meat in a fantastic American atmosphere. The founder of Jack's Burger started experimenting with ingredients years before the opening of the first restaurant in 2013. The chefs only use fresh vegetables, fresh meat and daily baked home-made buns. The menu, as well as the image of the restaurant, with all the design elements and logo has a strong American influence. In Jack's Burger restaurant the guests have the opportunity to watch their meal being prepared by the chefs in front of their eyes. Jack's Burger enters the Romanian Market in a Franchise system and will open the first restaurant in November.


The Jack’s Burger brand has earned its reputation and the trust of its customers by the quality and freshness of the products offered, distinguishing itself among other fast food restaurants. Jack’s Burger represents an excellent opportunity to benefit from the notoriety of an already consecrated international brand which has also entered the Romanian market in 2016. The concept of the Jack’s Burger restaurants has a strong American influence, from the design to the identity of its own products. Furthermore, the brand identifies with the lifestyle of its customers: healthy, quality food, with premium beef, pork of the Mangalitza breed – low in cholesterol and freshly baked buns. Jack’s Burger customers have the opportunity to watch directly how the burgers are being prepared, which makes the whole restaurant the scene of a gastronomic show, to their delight. The menus addresses both the kids and the adults, as the Jack’s Burger brand philosophy is to offer quality products for an accessible price. Jack’s Burger is the business opportunity you need. Jack's Burger's team is made by staff with a wide experience, both nationally and internationally, who will advise you and offer you the support you need in the setup and subsequent management of your business. If you want to know more about the Jack’s Burger franchise, send us an email to info@jacksburger.ro, with the following information: the Location where you want to open a Jack's Burger restaurant, the allocated budget and your Contact information, and we will get back to you in the shortest time possible.


Do you want to be part of an energetic and ambitious team? You don’t have any experience but you’d like to learn? We have the patience to teach you. We are looking for new colleagues for the future restaurant in Craiova.